About Us



The 31st Ward Community Action Group was established to bring the residents of our community together, advocate for the neighborhoods' needs, and to support the youth, veterans, businesses and senior citizens of the 31st Ward and surrounding areas.     

Meet Us


Executive Board 

President - Ryan Herbinko

Vice President - Patrick Stack

Secretary - Shera Stack

Treasurer - Eugene Bokor

Diane Ketter - Community Clean-Up Chair and Board Member

Carol Sigafoos - Farmer's Market Chair and Board Member

Kathy Cunningham - Board Member

Jackie Pribila - Resident Baked Goods Expert and Board Member

Mark Schneider - Board Member

Rita Schneider - Santa Trolley Chair

Nancy DeGregorio - Community Events Liaison

Judy Stump - Public Safety Council

31st Ward


Neighborhood Information

The 31st Ward is located in the southeastern corner of the City of Pittsburgh.  It is comprised of four neighborhoods: Lincoln Place, Hays, New Homestead and Gates Manor.  Against the backdrop of Pittsburgh’s Historic Steel Valley, the 31st Ward’s unique characteristics give a distinct suburban feel to urban living.  The area is home to a multitude of greenspaces and parks as well as a growing business district.

Elected Officials

City Council - Corey O'Connor

County Council - Paul Klein

District Magistrate -  James Hanley , Jr.

State Representative - Summer Lee

State Senator - Jay Costa

US Congressman - Mike Doyle